Mercer’s Investments business delivers expert advice on more than $4 trillion of assets invested worldwide and expert management of more than $50 billion of those assets. Our wide spectrum of services encompasses tools, research, advice and solutions designed for institutional investors and financial advisory groups. The same services also support the investment structure of Mercer’s superannuation master trust, the Mercer Super Trust.

Mercer Investments’ clients include superannuation funds, insurers, endowment funds, government authorities but we can help just about any large-scale investor. We also deliver services to financial advisory groups who can both offer their clients our investment solutions through their platforms and benefit from our institutional strength and wealth management advice.

We offer:


  • PROVEN EXPERTISE – Behind every Mercer Investment specialist there are over 1,300 others, whose combined experience provides effective solutions for your challenges and objectives.
  • POWERED BY IDEAS – Our forward-thinking people, using rigorous research, develop the best ideas to improve your returns, control your risk and reduce your costs.
  • CUSTOMIZED DELIVERY – By building a dynamic working relationship, we help you achieve your objectives by providing you with the right tools, advice and practical solutions.

Now, more than ever, the time is right for overburdened institutional investors to seek investment solutions that meet the objectives of their long-term strategic goals in ever changing market conditions.

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Tools to input Mercer's data and research views into your own evaluations.Investment consulting advice by asset class and portfolio.Solutions incorporating the quality and depth of our research and advice.