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Mercer offers a range of feeds from our updated Insights topics. To select a feed simply click on the title or the icon and use your preferred subscription method to add our feed to your reader. Find out more about RSS
Employee health & benefits news
Includes notification of each new Mercer Health & Benefits Perspective newsletter and related global material
Human capital strategy, management and compensation news
Includes notification of each new Mercer Human Capital Perspective newsletter and related global material
International Headlines
Includes notification of each new International Headlines newsletter and related global material
Investment consulting news
Includes notification of new global investment consulting material
Mergers & acquisitions news
Includes notification of new global mergers & acquisitions material
Retirement, risk & finance news
Includes notification of each new Mercer Retirement Perspective newsletter and related global material
Compensation, benefit, expatriate and HR benchmarking survey releases
Includes notification of Mercer's new global survey reports
Press releases
For members of the media we've set up special feeds to give you instant access to announcements in your region/s of interest:
Americas announcements
Asia-Pacific announcements
European announcements
Global announcements

What is an RSS feed?


Really Simple Syndication (RSS) enables you to see when new content is added to your favorite websites via sending you a list or 'feed' of headlines and content extracts.

All of the feeds that you've subscribed to are shown in an RSS reader, which is a piece of software that checks nominated sites for updates and lets you access the latest content all in one place. If you're really interested in an article, you can click on the headline to visit the originating site with the full details.

If you want to delete a feed from your reader, it just takes a simple click of the mouse.

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

Under Insights or Press releases, click on the topic titles or adjacent RSS feed icons which are of interest to reveal the various means of adding the feed to your reader.

There are three main ways to subscribe to Mercer’s RSS feeds:


  1. Web-based news readers
    This type of reader can be accessed from any computer you log into. To make things easy, we've listed the most popular readers so that you can add the feed by clicking on the relevant icon. If your reader isn't on our list, use the displayed URL to add it manually.

  2. Dedicated news readers
    These are downloadable applications that reside on your computer. To include our feeds, simply copy and paste the URL code featured.

  3. Add to browser
    The latest browsers have built-in RSS capabilities. In Internet Explorer (IE7), this is referred to as a "FeedView," while Firefox lets you add RSS feeds as a "LiveBookmark." Just click on the Bookmark icon and the RSS feed will be added to your browser.

RSS feeds worldwide


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RSS feeds worldwide
Many of Mercer's country sites have their own feeds.