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Workplace 2012 New Zealand: tomorrow’s business trends and their impact on your business today


What is Workplace 2012?

Mercer’s Workplace 2012 is research, analysis, and leading thinking about tomorrow’s business trends and their impact on your business today.


Mercer has drawn together key business issues in the context of the workplace four years from now and examined their implications for business.  Workplace 2012 will be particularly useful for Executives responsible for setting their organisation's strategic agenda.

Workplace 2012 – What does it mean for employers?

Mercer recently commissioned research modelling the demographics of New Zealand’s workplace between now and 2012. 


The report features key findings of the research and addresses the impact of trends like an ageing workforce, limited relief from a tight labour market for employers, globalisation and turning a brain drain into a brain exchange.  It features Mercer's commentary and analysis of what these trends mean for employers as well as comments from HR executives from some of New Zealand’s leading organisations.

Key Findings

Demographic shifts threaten New Zealand businesses


By 2012/13 New Zealand’s labour force is forecast to rise from 2.25 million to 2.38 million – close to a 6 percent increase.


Within this labour force the following changes will occur:


  • The percentage of workers aged 55+ will increase from 18 percent to 21 percent – more than half a million individuals. 


  • There will be close to 24 percent more workers aged 55+ in 2012/13 than current numbers.


  • The percentage of workers aged 25-54 will decrease from 65 percent to 62 percent - with only an extra 28,000 additional individuals. 


  • The participation rate of workers aged 20-44 will decrease


  • The participation rate of workers aged 55-59 will increase – from 79.6 percent to 82.4percent


  • The participation rate of workers aged 60-64 will increase – from 67.1 percent to 75 percent






Workplace 2012

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