What are Mercer’s investment building blocks?

The Mercer Investment Trusts New Zealand includes a set of single sector and diversified multi-manager solutions that incorporate Mercer’s best ideas on asset allocation, investment manager selection, operational efficiency and sustainable investing. For the purposes on this webpage, we focus primarily on Global Shares – Socially Responsible. 

Current portfolio lineup  

Current management roles


  • Multi-factor solution seeks to provide exposure to Value, Quality, Size, Momentum and ESG factors.
  • Employed SSGA's proprietary R (responsible) score, which captures Environmental, Social and Governance elements. 



  • Objective is to invest in high quality companies trading at attractive valuations that can grow earnings sustainably
  • Fundamental analysis focusing on a company’s competitive dynamics
  • Fossil Fuel Free means excluding the Carbon underground 200 companies 
  • High Concentration, 35-45 stocks with 30-50% turnover
  • Expected tracking error, 2-8%



  • Fundamental analysis targeting companies that aim to achieve a positive Environmental and Social Impact
  • Diversified across multiple themes
  • Long term focus – low turnover at 20-30% p.a.
  • High tracking error, 40 – 60 stocks



  • Quality growth focus
  • Bottom up approach, conducts analysis of Business Fundamentals, Market Dynamics and Outlook 
  • High concentration, holding 40-60 securities with 30-50% turnover
  • Expected tracking error 5-9% p.a.



  • Quality growth focus
  • Looks for companies that offer solutions for the major transitions emerging in the global economy
  • Uses revenue based screens and ESG filters
  • High concentration, holding 40-70 securities with 25-30% turnover
  • Expected tracking error 3-8% p.a.
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The carbon footprint for the Mercer Socially Responsible Global Shares fund is 50% more carbon efficient than the MSCI World Index (June 2020)
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