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Pathway to Your Potential™

Cbus are doing things differently together with Mercer and Dr Jess Murphy to build their diverse talent and leadership pool. Here they share their reasons behind adopting the Pathway to Your Potential experience and the journey it represents.

#ADifferentKind of leadership journey

Building a culture where difference is valued and heard is a huge challenge.

Pathway to Your Potential (P2YP) is a transformational sponsorship experience that empowers and inspires leaders to use their reputational capital to seek out opportunities for high potential, diverse talent, while building the confidence of that talent to seek out and seize career opportunities.

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"We're in an environment where things are changing around us all the time. If we don't bring in different perspectives then we could get left behind".


Kristian Fok,
CIO, Cbus

"It goes beyond the traditional coaching mentoring framework that I've had in the past and goes more to advocacy and someone supporting you through discussions and actually advocating for you"

Preethi Parmar,
Manager, Investment Relations and Reporting, Cbus


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Cognitive Diversity A Different Kind Of Leadership

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In December 2017 Mercer and Dr Jess Murphy embarked on a strategic alliance. Dr Jess Murphy is an inclusion and diversity thought leader and creator of the transformational sponsorship experience - Pathway to Your Potential (P2YP)™experience.