Investing in a Time of Climate Change - The Sequel

Mercer’s latest climate scenario research and modeling for institutional investors assesses the climate impact and investment returns based on portfolio decisions.

How safe is your investment portfolio?



How does your portfolio measure up to climate change?


Mercer's latest report delivers a climate scenario model for assessing the effects of both climate-related physical damages (physical risks) and the transition to a low-carbon economy (transition risks) on investment return expectations. The report models three climate change scenarios, a 2°C, 3°C and 4°C average warming increase on preindustrial levels, over three timeframes - 2030, 2050 and 2100.


Download the report to access a clear framework and tools that investors can utilise to start actively supporting the transition to a target 2°C scenario. Fiduciaries, motivated by the best interests of their beneficiaries, have the opportunity, and arguably an obligation, to invest their portfolios and influence companies and policymakers, consistent with a more sustainable and economically secure tomorrow. 









The time to act is now.



The findings highlight that climate change risk is not only the biggest issue facing investors, it’s also a fiduciary responsibility that needs to be addressed now, not later. Actively changing the way you invest will create better outcomes for your portfolio as well as the environment.


Climate change is a business wide priority at Mercer, led by the Responsible Investing (RI) team. Mercer’s RI Pathway maps out the full scope of services used to integrate RI into the core stages of investment; Beliefs, Policy and Process, and Portfolio Implementation.


For a greater understanding or any questions on how climate change will impact your portfolio, please get in touch. 









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