How financially fit is your workforce?


A global Mercer study shows that, on average, people spend 13 hours per month worrying about money matters while at work. Combine that with the financial pressures caused from the pandemic, we’d expect that number to be even higher. But we want to change that.


For the last 60 years, Mercer has been helping New Zealand employers with their workplace savings, and more recently KiwiSaver. We know that thinking about saving for retirement or the purchase of a first home can raise lots of questions, and unpicking all the components of KiwiSaver can be challenging, so we want to make it easy.


That’s why we recently launched Mercer’s financial fitness workshop, a tailored and informative discussion, for your colleagues and you. And best of all, they're free, and something we recommend for employers who pick Mercer as their preferred provider. So what does a preferred provider partnership cost? Nothing.


Want to find out more, or ready to schedule in your free financial fitness workshop for your workforce? Chat to one of the team today.




What does the workshop cover?


Our one hour workshop has been designed to address financial challenges and questions that many employees face. Something missing that you want us to cover? Just reach out.

Why Mercer?


We are committed to delivering sustainable futures and strong retirement outcomes for New Zealanders, and are very proud of our KiwiSaver proposition. Our focus is on active management, diversification and responsible investing, and is the reason why so many New Zealanders choose to trust us with their retirement and investments.


We take responsible investing one step further than exclusions, by actively investing New Zealanders money in companies that create positive impact such as pollution control and energy efficiency. 

Why Pick a KiwiSaver Preferred Provider?


Getting answers to all of your employees KiwiSaver questions isn’t easy. By partnering with Mercer as your preferred KiwiSaver provider, you and your employees unlock access to our team of experts, who are ready to help with all your queries.


As a global workforce consultant and a KiwiSaver provider, Mercer is uniquely qualified to understand both what employers need and what KiwiSaver can offer. 

Why a financial fitness workshops?


We’ve spent the last 60 years helping New Zealand employers with their workforces and workplace savings.


We’re confident our workshop will answer a lot of the hard-to-answer questions, and if you’ve got something specific your workforce want to learn about, we can tailor our workshop for you.


By actively supporting the financial wellness of your people, you can have a positive impact on workforce productivity when your people are not distracted by money worries. Keen to find out more?

Talk to a Mercer financial fitness specialist today


We’re not a bank. KiwiSaver is what we do and we are good at it. We don’t side-line in mortgages, credit cards or personal loans.


We’re retirement specialists and proud of our dedicated service, performance and access to global markets and knowledge.


So contact us today and see how we could bring a little financial fitness to you and your people.


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Sarah Barnaby
Client Executive Consumer Wealth

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Arvin Ram
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Jon Church
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The information contained on this page is intended for general guidance only. It does not take into account your particular financial situation or goals. Before making any investment decision, you should refer to the Product Disclosure Statement or consult an appropriately qualified financial adviser.

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