You choose how much to invest and what to invest in.


You can access some of the most diversified and actively managed investments in New Zealand with a choice of seven investment options to suit your investment needs and personal circumstances. It's easy to deposit money into your FlexiSaver account. You can make regular or lump sum contributions directly into your FlexiSaver account from your online banking and there are no minimum contributions.




Mercer FlexiSaver Benefits


  • Flexibility: Deposit or withdraw your money at any time. You choose how much to invest, when to invest and what you invest in.
  • Investment Choices: Whether you're an investor with an appetite for risk, prefer to play it safe or are somewhere in between, we've got an investment option for you. FlexiSaver offers you seven investment options - from 100% Cash to 100% Shares - to suit your personal circumstances or invest in multiple options to diversify your investment portfolio.
  • Cost and returns: FlexiSaver is a cost effective way to invest in your future. Competitive fees mean that more money stays in your account to help you achieve your investment goals sooner.
  • Support: Access to financial advisers for free who are able to help you with your investment decisions. The investment option(s) you choose can have a big impact on your account balance and not knowing all the facts could cost you money.



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