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Trials for qualifying asset owners


Mercer’s cloud-based platform, MercerInsight®, offers a suite of analytical tools, to help you maintain the continuity of your manager monitoring and investment due diligence while travel and in-person meetings are curtailed. With MercerInsight®, you can:


  • Better understand your portfolio exposure and investment manager capabilities by leveraging Mercer’s deep bench of qualitative investment manager research and ratings, as well as operational due diligence across 6,700 managers, 11,500+ strategies conducted by 200+ professionals2.
  • Monitor investment performance and track investments relative to funding objectives, benchmarks and the comparable peer group of investment manager products.
  • Eliminate the noise and access the right information to help you make better investment decisions.

Mercer is here to support you during these challenging times by offering trials3 for qualifying asset owners. To learn if your firm qualifies, please provide your information and a specialist will reach out to consult with you.



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John Humphries
Principal, Mercer Analytics, Research and Tools, Pacific

*Mercer is here to support you during these challenging times by offering trials3 for qualifying asset owners.


Subscription levels and fees will vary.

Manager and Strategy Statistics as of 31 March 2020, includes sub-advised strategies.  Investment Professionals exclude Financial Services and are FTE (not count of employees). Research Specialists exclude 9 central support/admin staff.

Trials may not include all modules. Please contact a specialist for additional information. 

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