PayStart™ is a cost effective solution combining Mercer tools with consulting support.

Built on Mercer‘s HR consulting heritage, the PayStart™ solution delivers best practice design to deliver a grading and remuneration management solution that provides the foundation for reward and HR management. Additionally, PayStart™ Competencies provide a set of core competencies aligned to the PayStart™ grading structure to further support career path and development.

The Mercer PayStart™ solution is tailored towards small to mid-sized organisations establishing a common policy framework for the first time or seeking to modernise through the adoption of a new structure. Mercer PayStart™ provides a ready-made solution to address the following challenges:  


Business needs:

Higher control over people costs.

Improve consistency and transparency.

Design pay levels right to attract and retain talent.

More structure to discuss career paths.

Simple yet robust approach.


PayStart™ solution:

Simple and modern solution building on over 40 years of market experience.

Best practice support combined with practical tools.

Market data insight.

Reflects Mercer‘s job evaluation heritage and competency library.

Low fixed pricing, starting at $30,000 Ex. GST.

Executive rewards and incentives


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With our ready-made, all-in-one pay structure solution, you can now exercise more control over your people costs and performance, and drive business performance; with HR experts supporting you along the way - quickly, cheaply and simply.



Download the PayStart™ all-in-one remuneration toolkit


Download a summary of our all-in-one tool kit designed to tackle, change and grow with you and get in touch when you’re ready.


How Mercer can help



Mercer PayStart™ provides a ready-made solution to firstly establish grading and remuneration management for your organisation. Once the grading structure has been defined our Mercer PayStart™ Competencies module provides the starting point for setting expectations for skills, knowledge and behaviour at each career level to support career development.

Our Approach – Mercer PayStart™ Grading and Remuneration Management


The grading and remuneration management solution is made up of four elements – three tools and consulting help every step of the way to provide you with a sustainable solution. Our approach delivers a pre-defined grading structure aligned to your organisation’s size and complexity, access to market data and a Pay Band Tool to help you transform market data into meaningful pay structure and model the implications.

Our approach combines each tool with consulting workshops to help educate you, and facilitate discussions in order to take strategic decisions right for your organisation. Not only do you receive tangible deliverables, but also significant knowledge transfer that is key to expanding your organisation’s expertise and ensuring you can sustain the solution long-term. 


About PayStart™: Your 4-in-1 Pay structure tool kit



PayStart™ is a complete solution comprising of technical and consulting expertise. 


We partner with you to build a foundation for a rewards and career structure; providing you with the tools to better manage your people cost and performance. 

Market data

Access to Mercer‘s Total Remuneration Survey report data.

Pay Band Tool 2.0

Helps design and compare pay bands based on market and/or internal company data and model implications.

Levelling structure

Helps determine strategic job levelling and salary structure with processing tools.

Consulting expertise

Supports with tools training, key strategic decisions and transitioning.

Our Approach – Mercer PayStart™ Competencies


The competencies module supplements the grading structure through defining behavioural requirements at each career level. Delivered through a core competency framework, Mercer PayStart™ Competencies provides the framework and language needed to support managers and employees discuss individual careers and contributions in a way that aligns to your business priorities.

Drawing on Mercer’s Competency Library, with you our consultants select from Core and Optional Competencies to draw together a comprehensive library for your organisation. Development of the library is facilitated through workshops to ensure selected competencies closely reflect your strategic aims, ensure proficiency levels are accurately mapped and allow time to test and refine the structure.  The outcome provides clear contribution expectations for each career level and a transparent framework which can be integrated with other HR processes and systems. 





Mercer PayStart™ solutions are offered at a competitive, low, fixed price, starting at $35,000 Ex GST.  Our consultants are ready to discuss your requirements, please contact us using the contact form below.


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