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If you’re looking for a more customised solution requiring broader market interpretation, use of multiple data sets and advanced analytics, Mercer’s Market Insights practice have a team of experienced consultants available to work with you on custom projects and also as onsite/interim secondments to drive critical people insights, enhancing your team’s short term analytical capabilities.


Executive rewards and incentives

Customised solutions tailored for your organisation



Mercer’s Market Insights practice provides the following range of solutions:


Market data services

To complement Mercer's suite of remuneration and HR surveys, Mercer offers a comprehensive, customised market pricing service to ensure your roles are competitive.


Remuneration services

Whether its reviewing remuneration or requiring onsite REM support, Mercer's experienced consultants assist organisations across a range of review services.



HR services

Mercer works with clients to review and document HR policies and procedures and job analysis to determine competitive practices.





Outsourcing support

Mercer can assist your organisation through Rem review periods all year round or through critical periods.








Market data services beyond surveys



To complement Mercer's suite of remuneration and HR surveys, on request Mercer offers a comprehensive, customised market pricing service for a single job or groups of jobs.

Market Pricing

Ad hoc position based or job evaluated remuneration results for local positions in Australia and countries outside of Australia. This service allows you to compare an individual's remuneration package against a wide range of data cuts such as the general market, specific industry group or your own customised peer group.

Job Evaluations

Job evaluation provides a systematic and analytical approach to defining and valuing jobs. It results in a quantitative measure of work value (a number) that can then be used to reference market remuneration data for positions of equivalent size from Mercer's database. Mercer Australia utilises two job evaluation methodologies:

  • International Position Evaluation (IPE) System

    International Position Evaluation (IPE) System 

    The International Position Evaluation (IPE) System which is Mercer's global methodology. The Mercer IPE system, sizes a position based on five factors.  These are:

    Impact: Considers the nature of a position's impact, modified by the level of contribution and nature and size of the organisation.

    Communication: Considers the communication skill requirements of the position based on the responsibility for communications both internally and externally.

    Innovation: Considers the level of innovation that the position requires and the level of complexity of the innovation.

    Knowledge: Considers the nature of knowledge required to accomplish objectives and achieve goals. It considers whether the knowledge is applied. as a team member, team leader or manager of teams as well as the geographic context.

    Risk: Considers the nature of risk within the context of exposure. This factor is an integrated but optional part of the IPE system.

Job evaluation audits

Auditing job evaluations is an essential part of good internal governance. Mercer reviews the job evaluations completed by our clients, underpinned by either Mercer CED Job Evaluation Methodology or Mercer IPE System, to ensure they are fair and accurate representations of the roles and to give our clients peace of mind.

Market data services

Remuneration review services



Budget paper creation

We can create your budget paper with economic and industry commentary as well as recommendations of % increase spend and distribution.

Updating of remuneration ranges

We update remuneration ranges or individual point scores for roles that have been underpinned by Mercer's CED methodology or Mercer IPE System. Mercer sources this remuneration data from our extensive remuneration database. Also, we provide remuneration movements and forecasts to show how the market has moved over the past year, and how it is likely to move in the years to come.

Incentive/excel review

We can assist with your incentives or other excel based projects by creating or reviewing your spreadsheets.

Onsite remuneration support

We can provide onsite assistance during our clients' peak periods when they need an extra pair of hands, offering analysis and remuneration support. Typically, our clients engage Mercer during preparation and/or execution of their annual remuneration review. Mercer consultants are experienced and trained to assist.


Remuneration services

HR documentation support



HR policies and procedures

We review our clients' current HR policies and procedures to determine competitive practices in the broader Australian market. We also write HR policies and procedures to suit your organisation and ensure that your organisation is competitive.

Job analysis

We design position description templates to suit our client's requirements, using best practice and best fit approaches. We also write position descriptions that are unique for your organisation.



HR services

Outsourcing support



Mercer as your Rem Team

Lack the need for a full time/ year round remuneration team? Mercer can be your Rem Team all year round or simply for the 3-4 month critical remuneration review period. Completing matching, incentive calculation and remuneration review.


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Outsourcing support

Customised solutions designed for you

Mercer’s Market Insights practice have a team of experienced consultants available to work with you on custom projects and onsite or interim secondments.




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