Talent assessment – critical in guiding your leadership development, talent acquisition and succession plans.

As organisations look to successfully execute on their strategy over the next 3-5 years, having the right talent and capability will be the keys to success. However, what do ‘talent’ and ‘leadership’ look like for your organisation, and across all levels of leadership? And, how would an organisation effectively assess and maintain these capabilities?


Having a robust view and process around talent and talent assessment is critical to guide your selection, talent acquisition, leadership development and succession plans, to ensure you have the required talent capability to achieve your business goals.


Talent assessment


Our expert talent assessment team partners with you to complete a thorough and critical evaluation of your key roles and leaders aligned to your business values, context and operating environment. We also provide best-in-class benchmarking, including external norms (industry and geography specific) to assist you in future proofing your business from a talent perspective.

Mercer | Mettl: Global Leaders in Talent Assessment


Customised assessments on our powerful cloud-based platform


Talent Assessment Solutions


A suite of scientific assessment tools

  • Psychometric assessments
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Aptitude assessments
  • Technical assessments
  • Communication skills assessments

Hiring Solutions


Assess talent holistically and automate your hiring using our digital tools

  • Talent screening assessments
  • Online interview tool
  • Online hackathon and ideathon platform

L&D Solutions


Automate your L&D processes using our digital tools

  • High-potential identification
  • Succession planning
  • Leadership assessments
  • Assessment & development centers
  • 360-degree feedback platform
“The validity of Mercer | Mettl is exceptionally robust. It enabled us to funnel people who were precisely the type we needed. Mercer | Mettl helped us to accurately identify high-potential candidates within our internal team.”

- Sonal Kapur Sinha, CHRO

Contact: Anne Le Blanc, Principal, Mercer Pacific | anne.leblanc@mercer.com

How Mercer Evolve can help


Future proof your business with talent


We bring talent data driven insights to the table to help businesses make better informed decisions about their talent.  To achieve this for our clients we design and execute assessments across the talent cycle; from sourcing  talent to leadership succession, Board and Executive readiness  and for talent development.



Assessment for talent succession and talent development


In today’s business landscape Boards, CEO’s want the following answers to 3 key questions.

  1.  Who are successors? 
  2.  How do we know?
  3.  How do we close the succession gaps to mitigate risk?


Who are successors? 


Mercer Evolve has developed a best practice validated leadership succession readiness assessment, applicable to both benchmarking and profiling internal and external talent.


The methodology is designed to ensure that organisations have the best available talent in place to meet their strategic objectives and are better positioned to identify, develop and retain talent, and manage succession more proactively. 


At a high level, the solution is intended to achieve the following key outcomes:

  • Insights into the leadership bench strength and succession readiness of internal talent.
  • Detailed internal succession plans for each critical or pivotal role, protecting business continuity.
  • Tailored reporting for key stakeholders such as the Board and Executive Leadership Team.
  • Deep insights into available external top talent and the ability to top grade (through targeted talent acquisition) on an opportunistic basis, should there be an internal succession gap. 


Who are successors

And how do we know? Assessment for role readiness


Readiness assessment centre solutions are known to be the most reliable method of assessing a leader or candidate when making succession decisions, promotion and leadership development considerations. 


Role readiness assessment

How do we close the succession gaps?


We help organisations:

  • Clearly identify succession risk gaps.
  • Support organisations to build accelerated development plans to ready leaders to rise to the next role challenges who have the potential, capacity and aspiration to progress.
  • Talent intelligence - Deep insights into available external top talent and the ability to top grade (through targeted talent acquisition) to close internal gaps.


Talent assessment for M&A


We provide organisations going through an M&A an independent, objective analysis of talent, benchmarked against each available position.  


Closing sucession gaps

Why partner with us


Our key differentiators in partnering with clients are:


  • We understand your business – We believe that ‘context is king’ and therefore we work to immerse ourselves in your business and want to make a valuable contribution to your success.
  • Exceptional candidate experience – In all our engagements, we keep the individual leader and candidate experience front of mind, using this to shape the assessment and subsequent development options.
  • Insights to tangible actions – Our reporting outputs simplify complex data sets, provide a powerful narrative of the leaders strength and opportunity areas. Our debrief with leaders ensures pragmatic, commercial, targeted conversations that will accelerate potential and build best in class leadership.
  • Flexible delivery approach – We tailor our approach and solutions to your business and talent strategy, and adapt to your specific needs. 
  • An elaborate and flexible suite of technology and tools  We leverage an elaborate suite of assessment and development solutions, technology and tools such as a wide range of psychometric tests and virtual assessment centres.
  • Years of experience  We bring extensive experience in designed targeted talent solutions for clients, including senior leadership assessment and development solutions across industries, leadership levels and geographies. 
  • Benchmarking capability – We provide best in class benchmarking capability, including external norms (industry and geography specific) to assist you in future proofing your business from a talent perspective. 




Our expertise in solving complex issues:


Our advisors work with organisations within the Pacific and worldwide to design and plan workforces to be agile for change. Let us help you develop your workforce by leveraging our deep human capital expertise as well as our global insights and world-class capabilities across all lines of business.


Through asking challenging questions and analysing our rich breadth of data, we partner with you to design and develop robust organisation structures aimed at accelerating your business objectives.

Develop your future-of-work strategy and operating model, including your organisation’s design, governance and frameworks.

Align your business values, context and operating environment through your employees, as well as detailed benchmarking, including external norms (industry and geography specific) to assist you in future proofing your business from a talent perspective.


Identify and act upon cultural risks to build a powerful employee listening model.

Map out your needs and develop strategies to transform and improve effectiveness across your organisation.

Detailed planning and integration, specifically in projects to do with M&A and change management.

Understand, align and optimise your rewards and benefits programs in more than 150 countries and organisations of all sizes.

Design executive, sales and broad-based incentives aligned with objectives.



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